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Better Man for 2020

Start the year right fellow gents!

Get a real alarm clock

Stop looking at your screens right before bedtime end even after you wake up. Do your morning routine first (bonus tip!) to make a head start.

Get a real alarm clock

Read one book a week

Have at least an hour a day for reading; maybe on your lunch break, after dinner, or even during commute.

Read a book

Start a strength training program

Strength training improves your overall health, boosts your stamina, and it makes you feel energized in general.

Start a training program

Take short walks everyday

Taking a stroll clears the mind, makes you relax, and helps you generate insights.

Take short walks

Plan your weekends

Have fun! Make the most out of your Saturdays and Sundays.

Plan your weekends

Drink plenty of water

Staying hyrdated can help you perform at your absolute best.

Drink water

Start a new hobby

Draw, play an instrument, do some sports. Find an activity that’s just as interesting and way more engaging than playing on your smartphone.

Start a hobby


Brushing alone isn’t enough to prevent gum disease, so better star flossing those teeth.

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